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#FridayData 2022-02-04

· 2 min read

We collect event data in order to optimise our website and ensure a world class booking experience for our customers. To take us to the next level, last year we invested in a new platform using Kafka and Snowflake. During our busiest period in our history we have streamed nearly 5 million events in a single day.


This is key new capability for Sykes, and we are using it to turbo charge A/B testing capability, ensuring we continue to deliver a seamless booking experience for our customers.

During the same window our Product teams have been incredibly busy, experimenting and testing new features on the website, as you can see there are well over 100 experiments running on the website, peaking at 134 earlier in the month.


With this capability in place, we can gain a much greater understanding of our customers’ needs and their behaviour through the booking journey, in real time. The Product team are fully self-sufficient with a scalable platform in place.

About Sykes

The data and techniques shared in this article were produced by the development team at Sykes. If you are a talented Data Scientist, Analyst or Developer please check out our current vacancies.