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#FridayData 2022-01-28

· 2 min read

Customer satisfaction is passion for us at Sykes and NPS (net promotor score) is something we obsess over in fact it is in everyone’s objectives. This year we have managed to maintain an NPS of 74 since the start of January and the satisfaction levels are climbing.


Finding a true industry benchmark is challenging but we are incredibly proud of our results. According to an Survey Monkey article 74 puts us well inside the top 25% of companies across all industries. Our volume is high with over 40% of customers leaving feedback.


A key driver of NPS for us is the experience our customers have with us when calling in, as you can see on average, we managed to answer over 95% of all calls across all lines, with not a single line dropping below 91%, again measured during our busiest trading period. This goes to show the hard work of our operations team and effectiveness of our resource planning. We have answered over 40,000 customer calls since 1st Jan.

About Sykes

The data and techniques shared in this article were produced by the development team at Sykes. If you are a talented Data Scientist, Analyst or Developer please check out our current vacancies.